Unconditional acceptance


Maybe it was to be keep me quiet or just because I really wanted another cat, but nearly two years back we agreed to get another kitten.

It was simply, no black cat, and not a sickly one. So you can guess what I got. A 5 week old rescue who was very ill, and she was black.

So this week she has been acting out her fantasy of being a puppy. She follow us around, and bounces around like a very energetic puppy. At night when we go to bed, she sleeps next to William side of the bed on the floor. And then will join us on the bed later on. She rules the house and is pure joy and love. Bella should have been named Faith, we had faith in her and her in us.

Today I look at her and get a lump in my throat, I see this tiny creature who has changed our lives and all she wanted was a chance, and has given us so much more.


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