How far have we come……


So I try to keep my blog posting fun, lively, and about my life. However today I want to post something of a more sober subject: racism.

Yesterday I received a copy of an email that was send to one of my staff. It was from an outside client. It was blatantly racist. It personally attached, the staff, the company, and accused our company of hiring political correct people, who are not skilled. Well that’s not what was said. It was worded more colorful, but not of the nice bright colors.

I was not prepared to ignore this, as I am employed by a company and have a senior role, it’s expected of me to address these matters. Nobody must be subjected to HATE SPEECH. I must speech up for those who do not have a voice, those too scared to talk. I was very polite and professional. I received a very disturbing reply. Now it was not about me, but about hatred, racism and to take a stand. How far have we come.

Maybe as I gay, I am more aware of being rejected, picked upon, bullied and discriminated against.

The result was this client is no longer welcome to do business with us. We cannot accept business from people like this. It’s not about the money all the time, it’s about making a stand.


Stop hatred, make a stand, and above all, try to see how the person who is being attached may feel.. It could have easily being me, on the receiving end of that email.
How far have we come? But that’s just how I see it…….. Ivan

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