Date night…


So the last couple of weeks have been rather busy. Both William and myself have been very busy at work, with deadlines new projects and just long hours. We have both ring coming home late and just flopping in front on the TV and going to bed early.

So last night as it Friday it was date night, however I left my office earlier than usual and picked up a parcel William has just not had time to collect. I then decides to do an indoor picnic. Stopped at the store, and deli. And yes we had a great time, talked, had some excellent food. Custard slices and Lindt finished off our picnic. Date night was not finished….

I again awoke in the early hours as I am again suffering from insomnia. Put the rest of the washing on, and updated the dishwasher. William is fast asleep…… I am bored but the sun is still not awake either…


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