The Gently Giant… And his java.


William is a tall, well built man. He has put on a couple of pounds/kilograms, yes he enjoys the good life. However he is one of the gentlest people I know. He got home the other evening and our youngest cat, Bella was chasing sometime up the hallway. Well William got down on to the floor and played with her for quiet a long time. He is so gentle and patience with this very energetic, very unique, naughty but adorable little bundle of love.


She absolutely adores William. And it’s a sight for sore eyes to see them interact. When Bella gets brushed, it’s as if she has just won the lotto. The strangest thing is that she only likes that he does the brushing. Our eldest cat, will always lie on top of William of by his feet when he is in the TV room on the couch. It’s comical watching them together. And William has never had any desire to be a parent….

So ever since William gave up drinking, we have become coffee lovers. We have the coffee pod machine, and the one that can do everything except iron your shirts. However we both love a good instant coffee. So today I ventures outside of my comfort zone, and found a great place that stocked some Colombian coffee. Bought two, a medium and a decaffeinated. Got a shock when I paid. However I am hoping it will be worth it when we have a daily first cup in the morning.



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