Award session. Thanks Liebster awards…

Thanks Blond Boy Blogging

Hope you all read this copy and do you own blog. Then we here on blog world can get to know each other better. We all deserve awards….. Ivan

1. I can’t resist asking…. what do you think of Madonna?
she is a pure entertainment, talented, and I am a huge huge fan

2. What is your cure all for everything? What can make you feel better instantly?
tricky one, but I would say home, comfort food and bed. And maybe a cuddle !!!!!

3. Do you believe that we can shape our lives purely through our minds?
I do feel our thought and how we think does effect our lives, think positive and everything is different. However I am huge believer that we must focus on the now and let life happen, and add part whatever the cards we are dealt. We have a choice is most matters.

4. What’s your favourite flower?
St Joseph Lilies, and sunflowers.

5. Who is your icon and why?
Now I could say many people, however anybody who has turned the odds around and succeeds in making a difference to them selves and others. Maybe not an icon, but on top of my list is William for staying sober. Takes a strong person to fight and overcome any addiction.

6. Has 2013 been a good year for you so far? Is 13 really an unlucky number?!
numbers number, This has been a great years so far. I have a great life, a great job and a partner who still thinks I am amazing in HIS eyes.

7. What’s the most important thing you look for in a relationship?
honestly, and someone who accepts me for who I am.

8. The Moon or the Stars?
the stars

9. Why do you blog?
to tell me story, to explore my talent or lack of as a writer. And because I really enjoy it.

10. Do you believe in Love at first sight?
not sure on that, lust is being in love, but to love someone is someone you have got to know.

11. Books or movies?
books and then the movie

Now see what the Liebster Awards are about,






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