Was I this arrogant when I was young….


So I am not that old. I am still in my thirties, late thirties. Just past mid thirties, I am actually 38. Yes I said my age. And I am proud of my age. With age I get calmer and wiser in a good way. I don’t mean I am a wise know it all so and so…….
Now my one nephew is 15 years younger than me. But what an arrogant know it all has he become. He has just started working and you would swear the world could not cope without him. He is my family, but actually NOT. ( will explain later) But his one arrogant know it all kid…. He may be my sisters son, but I feel so alien from him and believe that I don’t actually know him anymore. I work with many young graduates, and some of the are like him. They want to earn the big bucks, but have no experience and actually need to grow up.

Now before you all attach me, I am not saying the youth are like that of today. I have worked with some great people, who are eager to learn and have manners.

Was I like this when I was this age? I was and sometimes can be very confident, and this leads to the wrong impression. I am actually very shy, but I have to project myself in the business work. I am actually very much an introverted. I don’t like attention, and one of weakness is I don’t enjoy speaking in public. However today I though, was I like my nephew at his age?

On another note, we got two new cat boxes today, you see Bella gets in and kicks all the sand out. The youth of today. He. He. ……..




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