Money Money Money must be funny in a Rich Man’s World


So I needed to go and get some stuff for my sister today, my parents are flying out to visit her this week. The shops were very busy, and I believe we have become a nation of shoppers. So I got what I needed for my sister and then went to look at some shoes. I don’t need another pair of shoes for work, but fancied getting some boots. Mission accomplished.


I also got William some great slippers. He loves his slippers, strange how he does not feel the cold but likes slippers. I also got some shirts, and pants. Now William never ever really questions what I spend money on, and we have a joint account so he can always just check on line. I am really fortunate that he does not stress about this anymore, and we are careful with money. However sometimes we do splurge. As many relationships break down, one of the major caused is usually money. Luckily William respects money, but is not obsessed with money. I on the other hand can be a spender, but never my credit card and don’t have any accounts. I never buy a thing unnecessary.

Today I was deep in thought, firstly as I did not sleep well last night, so I went to the TV room and read on my iPad this morning at about 2. I read blogs, magazines etc and as much as we always want to give advice are we able to. Nobody knows all the facts, understands what makes another person. And unless you have walked in someone’s shoes, we can’t judge others, fully understand why certain actions are done, and actually all we can do is listen. We can guide, listen and I mean really listen but don’t judge.


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