So on Saturday we usually have our coffee watch some TV and then go back to sleep. Its also a no shave day in our house. So this morning we have our coffee but then we both got up, it’s was just after 6.

William went to the study and connected to his office of via the Mac. They are very behind at work so he decided to catch up.

20130525-190917.jpg I then got about doing the chores around the house. Cleaned all of the bathrooms, changed the linen, did the washing and also washed our bedroom curtains. All our curtains in the house are a very light colour, so dirt shows up quickly. By midday I was mostly done.

In between William was up making coffee and would help with hanging up the laundry. I had to go to the ATM to get some cash, and i also got some supplies for the house. When I got back, William had been trying on his jeans to see which ones fit. I had a a good laugh AGAIN, you see a couple of days I posted aboutWilliams favorite Jeans., and a number of the jeans have also shrunken. You be the judge. They look okay but when he walks you can see that he need a bigger size.. William did a very camp walk and that just had us both laughing.


Tonight we are going to watch some movies and try to get an early night as we both tired. I have an early start again in the morning….


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