Good day… Great week

So it’s been a very good week. Work is really good, just lots of issues that need to be resolved, and the small ones do take lots of time, however all the queries for the week are done. Just have one last one to do.

Today I went to the one sales division, as I had to advice the department that I had resolved one of the contractual obligations that had, and the billings enquiry was resolved. I was confronted by one incredibly rude women, who just told me to go away as they were busy. I was gob smacked by her rudeness. But Ivan, just turned around and walked away. I realized that I was not going to address this rudeness. So later in the day, she happens to run into me in the lobby. She promptly blasted me for coming into the department as its only for the “sales division”. She then had the arrogance of wanting to know WHO I was, I said I am Ivan.. Her manger was with me, and he very politely introduces me to her, saying this is Ivan, you obviously have not met him. She then turns and walks away. The manger tries to apologies, but I just said let it go as he is not responsible for her actions.

That’s not were it ends, she has a good bitch in the kitchen about what happened, and one of my staffer then informs her about who I am. Not only am I Ivan, but what my title is. Her manager reports directly into me, so does most of the division. Now I am not bragging but my point is that people are so territorial and live precarious through their jobs. I am still just Ivan, but I do not tolerate rudeness at the workplace, and scruffy people I think. (Ref to prior log posting)

So today I left earlier as my parents are off to see my sister and her family who live in another country. So I went shopping for presents. My one nephew birthday is in ten days, so I went and got him a watch as that what he wants.


Plus I had some jewelry made for my sister, it’s white gold has a topaz and small diamonds around. Not sure if my sister will like it as it’s not what I planned on getting. But I really liked the design and my friend who made this, has made this so classic yet contemporary. She was going to make another piece but the stone was flawed and we did not have a lot of time.


William is really having a rough time at work, however he remain calm and just has the ability to turn off when he gets home. This week he has been getting home later and later, partially because of work and traffic has just been chaotic. Hopefully we both can find some us time this weekend.


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