William shaves in the evenings before he has his bath, I shave in the shower in the morning. I sometimes ask why do we do this. Well we only do it in the week, weekends are shave free days.

I don’t enjoyed shaving, but always feel better after I have. I like to look presentable. Today I noticed some of the guys at my office, all scruffy looking, jeans not pulled up, unshaven and hair a mess. Is this the way people want to project themselves? Our office park has three buildings and I am in the main building, but today I had to go to the smaller building for a meeting. Maybe I am just old fashion, or just getting older, but can’t you at least shave and put a belt on your jeans. I don’t like looking at you butt, it’s not an attractive sight in a workplace. I do like a nice butt, but this looks ridiculous.


If I can make an effort to look presentable, shave, have clean clothes and a shirt that is ironed, most men do shave and dress appropriately for the work place that is an office bound place of work. I am not saying a suit and tie, what I am saying is having certain pride in oneself.

I cannot take these bum above jeans guys serious. Maybe I am just superficial, but I believe that how you dress does influence how people’s first impression is of you.

William works in a very non corporate environment, but each day he ensures that he is shaven, hair is tidy, and his clothes are clean.

Have we lost the our self pride, or am I meant to be living in the 1930’s. Ivan

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