New car……

So I have been thinking about getting a new car. But I don’t like any that I would say wow that’s me. The ones I did like, William has said no, I am too young for it or he just does not like. Now before you all say that I must get what I want to, I agree, but with our current cars it was a joint decision. Reason being that we can swop cars when need be. I have a two door with a token of a back seat, and William drives a more practical 4 door sedan. Both the same brand.

So if I ever need to take passengers, I take Williams car. As small as my car is, we have been able to carry things in the boot if we move the back seat down.

Now I love I mean really love my car. But it’s getting older and expensive to maintain. So I have seen something I like. It’s four doors and it’s not quiet a 4×4 but it’s large hatchback, and very not what we need .

William, has said that I must decide and if we can afford this then he will be fine with my decision. We have so different views on cars.. Then today driving to work I saw another car, similar but a different make.
Did some research on it, it’s better priced than what I am keen on. Has some great reviews. It’s classified as THE CITROËN DS4 IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CAR OF THE YEAR!


However I still like Audi…




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