A serious post.


Today we had a business meeting and some of the other divisions of our business joined. I work for a very large company that has over 100 plus different business operations, but we are all part of the same group. Anyway these two men are introduced to me, one older and one about my age. Well the meeting gets going and the topic of gay comes up. Well the older man makes the daftest comment. It was not a pleasant comment when he referred to “them” and one of them in relation to one of the gay guys who was in the meeting. He then said “and they want to marry, what next”. Well the marketing director laid into him. She was direct and told him to wake up, and move with the times. I was silent……..


The industry that I work in has many gay people and very creative people that are employed by us. Many are very open, and some just are who they are. Who cares, well I do. It was totally disrespectful toward this guy. It was very unprofessional and we believe in a very open creative working environment. Keep your personal beliefs silent when you in a business meeting.

At the end of the meeting, I very calmly said that in the next meeting can we focus on the running of the business and not on the personal matters of others. Ivan.

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