Do we know what we have….


Just read some great posts. Got me thinking, do we appreciate what we have, do we really appreciate what we have!,,,,

Sometimes in our relationships, we hit a dull period, a tense situation, or we are just on opposite points on the same page. Well at least you on the same page. Are we maybe always looking for better, or looking for an adrenalin rush. But the way I see it, sometimes I must stop my mind from going to the dark place. I must start to look at what I have, and not what I don’t. What the good is not the bad. Sure we all get irritate with each other and especially if you are living with your partner, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, you get my point. A instead of complaining, look at what you have, and what kind of a person you are with. Now your may realize that you are with a real prince, princess, or we must face the reality that the other person is a real bastard.

And the biggest question, who are we. Are we part of the problem, afraid of commitment, afraid that you still want options, or just never able to accept yourself as who you are. If we keep looking we will never find what’s right in front of us.

I am not saying we must accept abusive realtionships. Or realtionships that are not healthy for all parties. What I am saying sometime we don’t know how good, and blessed we are.

Sure William can irritate the crap out of me, and I do the same. However I have to step back and see and I mean open my eyes and see that I have is a good man in my life. He may not want to bungle jump with me, or help me paint the house. He will make me coffee, sit and listen to me, and above all he accept me for who I am. William has my back at all times, and will not put me in harms way…. But he respects me and I have to admit it, he treats me extremely well. It’s not always being that way. But today it is, and that all I want and have ever wanted….. I try very hard each day to be grateful, be a better person, and not screw up what I have because of my fragile ego…. And lastly I am not talking about money or material possessions. They are nice to have but don’t necessary keep you warm at night, make you soup when you sick…….


Oh and this picture is forSmart Pillow Talk


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