Favorite jeans

Last week William was looking for a pair of jeans to wear to work. He has his favorites, but they were in the wash, so he went to the spare bedroom were we also keep some of our clothes. He was not in the best of moods as he is not a morning person, he saw a pair and just put them on. Well they fitted however they are way too tight. He does not like tight jeans, and asked me if he looked like a hustler in those jeans. I could not stop laughing as what he said, and the jeans really looked ridiculous on him. I was not popular. He went to work wearing some chinos, and texted me later saying I was cruel..


He relayed the story to Tris, one of his friends at work. She asked that he get me to take a picture of him to decide if looked like a hustler in the jeans. When he emailed her the picture, her response was. “William, how old are those jeans?” Turns out they are actually not Williams jeans, but belong to his nephew who stayed with us 2 years back….

I think William does not want to admit that he has picked up some weight, however we did have a good laugh at this. I can also report that Tris has given the jeans to her son. And he loves his baggy look……. Ivan.

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