Road Trip


So this morning we were up early, I mean REAL early. Today we took a mini road trip. William and myself went to visit his Mom. She lives a good two and half drive from us. So we decided that we would do a day trip. William woke up, well we were both not fully wake and he made us coffee. We had a shower and William surprise me by showering with me, I think so that we could save time.

We decided to not go in my car as its a two door with a token back seat. And if we took his mom out, we battle to fit a third person in my car. William and myself have the same make of cars but his is a more sensible car. William has his car music set up with his iPod. So we header off and had a great drive. William is a very good driver, and today turned off the cruise control. Need for speed……

So we arrive at his Mom house just after 9. We had a great time. This is the house William grew up in and today William showed me his room, more specifically the posters that are still on the inside of the cupboard doors. Teenage crushes and there were pictures of boys. I shall not mention the names. Strange after all this time, I have never seen this, but today was a walk down memory lane.

After we had lunch, William his Mom and your truly went to the shops. On the way back we went past the school William attended, and also were he lived after he graduated. It’s a small town, and we also ran into some people William grew up with. William introduced me as Ivan his partner. They looked shocked, awkward and just started at me. William just blurted out, yes I am gay and this is my boyfriend…. He is also gay. Lets just say that they are not a very gay friendly town. Williams Mom broke the ice and said, I told you my son was living the big city life. We all had a good laugh.

We left just after three and I was expecting to drive home, William like me to drive so he can catch up on his email and have a sleep. Not today, he enjoyed the drive back and we drove into our driveway just before six.

Had a great day, and I realized how different William life is here. Life is good.


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