Liebster Award

11 questions for my nominees to answer:

1 (Other than writing) What’s one of your hobbies? hiking, cooking.
2 If you had a free plane ticket to go anywhere in the world, where who you go? buy one more for William and go to New York, via London, via Hong Kong.
3 Favorite TV show at the moment? body of evidence, actually have many.
4 Most listened to song at the moment? Born This Way -LADY GAGA, (only cd in my car at present)
5 Dogs or Cats? Both, however Bella our youngest cat is adorable but NAUGHTY.
6 What’s a pet peeve of yours? We are all equal, but people who believe they are better than us.
7 Are you a morning or evening person? I am a morning person, love my first cup of coffee and just the quiet of the day.
8 What always makes you laugh? Bella our cat, life and the crazy things we do. Oh and William as well.
9 What’s a topic you love talking about? Electronics, social media, media and I actually prefer listening to people.
10 What’s one thing you wish people were more aware of? I wish people were more aware of each other, respect each other for who they are.
11 What’s your dream job? My current job is actually very amazing, but I would love to do more community work and charity work. I am not just saying that.

Thanks My Haven for Though


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