Laundry room


After we have just replaced the washers and dryer, I have suddenly become more aware of how much laundry we do on a weekly basis. William never wears a pair of jeans twice, they get washed. If he has a t-shirt on for an hour, it goes into the laundry basket. He baths twice a day, changes his underwear after he baths, and in summer sometimes puts on new pair of undies when he sleeps, So we have a lot of washing, and the towels get changed at least twice a week. If I leave any clothes out, they get put in the laundry bin. William is obsessed with clean clothes.

The way I see it, if you live with someone you have to accept the quirky things, the irritating habits, the good, the not so good. In other words accept the person for who they and all the habits they have. They actually have to live with ours as well. You cannot change anybody, however we must respect each other and be considerate of someone else. For us, we have compromised, we each have our own bathroom, as when we shared a bathroom in William home, it caused friction. William loves to lie in the bath, I don’t. And when it was all said and done, it was not worth it. We have to keep our own individuality, be our own person. But we want to share our life’s.

Two people cannot be more different than William and myself, I feel the cold, and in winter will have an electric blanket and William will be comfortable in a t shirt. I wear formal clothes to work, William wears jeans, I notice the small things around me, William sometimes is very oblivious to what’s happening around him. William is not a big talker, but I cannot or do don’t want to change this person. I will rather hang up three loads of washing, than live in an unhappy home.


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