Sydney. Australia…

A couple of years back I visited Sydney, Australia. This was due to me extending a transit flight, and staying in Sydney for a couple of days. This was just before I met William. So I was traveling alone.


I landed early morning, and Sydney’s airport was as always very busy. This was the first time I was in Australia as I have been in transit a couple of times in Australia. One thing I did notice was how strict the customs are. Rightly so, as they are in essence one huge island. I stayed about 20 minutes outside of the main city. But the public transport was excellent, I did get lost but that’s part of the adventure. I visited the main city centre and it’s a great city. I really enjoy walking around cities and just discovering the place. I visited the Sydney tower, and from the top you have a great view of the entire city. Shopping was great, and don’t forget they are the home of my favorite underwear AUZZIEBUM.

On day two I think. I took a full day tour. Went to Opera House, Manly beach. Took a lunch cruise and also visited Bondi Beach.


Bondi beach is surfers paradise and the beach extends for a long stretch and is a buzzing with activities. Great places to have a coffee, a meal and just observe the people.

Sydney has great parks and the English influence is very prominent with all e old churches, building and street names. Australia has great weather in you visit in the summer, and the winter months are not that bad either. I did not find the city to be that expensive, if I compare it to some of the other countries I have had the opportunity of visiting. Qantas is a good airline, however it is not one of the better ones that I have flown with.


I have also visited Perth, in Australia and that was so different from Sydney, all I can say is a great country to visit.


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