New laundry ….

So this has been a busy week, with work and at home. We had an electrician problem in the neighborhood so our power was disrupted this week. However all back to normal. We are having a UPS system installed. And William has ordered a new UPS system just for the iMac that lives in the study. We also got back the old iMac and it has been fixed, replaced the logic board, hard drive and they re install OS… William has set this up for me in the 2 spare bedroom which is also my study.

We had a water leakage this week in the laundry. The water heater overflowed and flooded the laundry, and the washer also just stopped working. Luckily our laundry is outside in the studio/flat. We now have had the laundry fixed and just need to tile the floor. We got delivery this morning of the new washer and the dryer unit. I decided to replace both, while I was getting the washer. As I said before I do enjoy buying electronics…. Ivan


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