Home, new bathroom.

This tub is similar in overall length and width to the original Spoon, but its shape is much round-ier. The concave bowl of the tub is supposed to be shaped for maximum comfort. It certainly looks comfortable from this photo above.

Like its predecessor, this tub is made of the very dense Exmar, which is made to retain the heat in the tub. What a dreamy bathtub escape.



A couple of years back we stayed at a hotel that had a very large bathtub, and to be honest it was a whole new level of bathing. Felt like you were lying in a very smooth large sea shell. So since then we, or let me be honest I have been thinking about remodeling the one bathroom. So a couple of days back I saw the picture above. I like the idea that the shower and bath are behind a large glass door or doors. This design just could not work in our current house, well so I thought. It turns out that’s if we converted Williams bathroom and my bathroom into one, it could. Now the glass doors would in essence separate the two bathrooms as we would still retain the current two entrances to the current bathrooms, have one bathroom but actually two. Confused, so am I.

William is a bath person and the bath in his current bathroom is larger than most. But he is tall and still can’t lie and chill. He can stay in that bath and just read and drink his tea. So I think if I get proper plans and quotes we may think about this. Will also result in us upgrading our guest bathroom.

Sometimes my mind is just too busy.., Ivan.

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