Singapore. A gem of a city


A couple of years back, I travelled to Singapore with my parents. We were en route to a family reunion in New Zealand. We actually did not plan on going to Singapore but Singapore airlines were offering a very competitive fare. Singapore airlines must rate amount one of the top airlines I have flown with.

On arriving in Singapore, you are met with the heat and humidity. We stayed at a very well located hotel, close to Orchard road.

20130501-181229.jpg Orchard road is the centre of the busy bussing city. A mecca of shops, restaurants, markets are open well into the night. What impressed us the most was how clean Singapore is. Not only is the city clean but the people are very well disciplines and very respectful of elderly folks.

We visited the China Town of Singapore, the Singapore zoo, and the beautiful gardens in the city.


My parents did some shopping, and we found the prices very favorably to our wallets and credit cards. The food was tricky, we all liked something else. My dad is very adventurous so he had a large choice of restaurants and food vendors to choice from. I was limited but the food was excellent. The hotel served great meals and we enjoyed great breakfasts and enjoyed just sitting in the huge lobby enjoying coffee and tea. It’s a very cosmopolitan city, so I was in heaven.

We visited Sentosa Island. The island has an area of close to 5 km2 (1.9 sq mi). It lies just half a kilometre (a quarter of a mile) away from the southern coast of the main island of Singapore. It is Singapore’s fourth largest island (excluding the main island). 70% of the island is covered by secondary rainforest, the habitat of monitor lizards, monkeys, peacocks, parrots as well as other native fauna and flora, also, when the construction of Resorts World Sentosa commenced, environmental impact was kept at a minimum when over two hundred trees in the designated area were replanted elsewhere on the island. The island also has 3.2 km (2.0 mi) stretch of white sand beach. Significantly large portions of land are currently being added to Sentosa due to land reclamation.



This place was well worth the visit, the butterfly enclose fascinated us all. An excellent place for children to be entertained for the whole day.

All the above pictures are not mine.

Unfortunately William did not travel with us, but this is a place I will definitely go back to soon.. Ivan

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