Blog award.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

Dalai Lama


A new blog award, a new idea.

We all enjoy posting on our blog page, sometimes we talk about serious matters, fun stuff, our lives or anything that we want to share.

We are all allowed our own opinion, but lets not advocate hate speech, and lets respect our blog community. So I want this award to represent the words of the Dalai Lama, BE KIND

So post the picture of the award and nominate as many bloggers as you like, and pass on the message of kindness to our fellow bloggers who keep us smiling. A thank you goes a long way. And lets all keep blogging in this amazing global community, we can and do make a difference. Make sure your footprint you leave is kind.

Thank You, and be kind to one another. IVAN

My nominees are:
The Very best TOP 10. love this blog.
The Trunk guy he inspires me to get out and run. Always a great post.
Blond boy Blogging Another blog that makes me smile.
Purple Gloves A must read.
Haven of Thoughts Allows me to be part of his journey, always honest.
A Guy without Boxers. His blog title may describe his blog, but this blogger is an inspiration if you get know him. Your rock my blogging buddy.
Dave Piperno Thanks for sharing your journey so candidly, honestly and what you say “Is What it is”. Always a good read.
PJ is Blogging This blogger has the gift for writing, when you read his posts, you are drawn into his life. And I think you are one very wise and very grounded person. Thank you for always putting a big smile on my face.
The Ramblings of a supposed Disease Free Mind always a good read, and written so well. But then this blogger was the one of the first to leave a comment, so your blog is extra special, as are postings.

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