So on Saturday we usually have our coffee watch some TV and then go back to sleep. Its also a no shave day in our house. So this morning we have our coffee but then we both got up, it’s was just after 6. William went to the study and connected to his office of … More Saturday’s


William shaves in the evenings before he has his bath, I shave in the shower in the morning. I sometimes ask why do we do this. Well we only do it in the week, weekends are shave free days. I don’t enjoyed shaving, but always feel better after I have. I like to look presentable. … More Shaving.

New car……

So I have been thinking about getting a new car. But I don’t like any that I would say wow that’s me. The ones I did like, William has said no, I am too young for it or he just does not like. Now before you all say that I must get what I want … More New car……

A serious post.

Today we had a business meeting and some of the other divisions of our business joined. I work for a very large company that has over 100 plus different business operations, but we are all part of the same group. Anyway these two men are introduced to me, one older and one about my age. … More A serious post.