Paper work


So the last couple of weeks I have been looking at my policies and realized that two of them still do not reflect William as beneficiary. I think I just thought I had updated all my policies and investments. So I am in the process of checking that all policies etc are on file and that William is the beneficiary. Maybe it was a wake up call. But hopefully I get all my affairs in order this week. William is very regimental in this, we file all our stuff electronically and he is a stickler for detail and very methodical, this is his thing.


Got me thinking, that as we have a partnership agreement, it’s like a civil partnership agreement, but ours was drafted by our lawyer and is very detailed. When we did this about 7 or 8 years back, the properties were split with my portions being a higher percentage. Now today, I want to redraft this agreement, equal equity spilt, and all properties are co-owned equally. We also want to change the beneficiaries of our wills. We are going to eliminated all families members and extended family members. Make sure your wills etc are all up to date.

Sober thought but it’s a reality.


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