Plettenberg Bay or is it Baai


About a six hour drive from Cape Town brings you to the magical haven called Plettenberg Bay.

We also did timeshare here and stayed at a great place. Beacon Isle, is a world famous landmark. It looks like it is in the ocean. It’s not and its between the two beaches. On the main beach is a great place called Moby Dicks, that serves drinks, meals right on the beach. Great place to chill out at and watch the ocean, the dolphins and I think whales when they head down this coast line. So there is not much to do, but actually lots to do. It just depends on the travelers.

You can swim, walk on the beaches and view the mansions on the coastline. Or you can just lays in the sun. At the pool or on the beach.

But depending on when you visit, we were there in late April early May, and had glorious weather. Don’t forget your sunblock. I read, sleeps and swam even if the water was cool. The pool was more my thing.


William got very sunburnt, and he is luckily that he tans very well, I on the other hand must be more careful. He got a very distinct tan line.


So around Plettenberg Bay, is a great bird park that has a huge net that must be the size of about 4 or 5 rugby fields. All the birds are rescues, and we were total in awe of the birds. I cannot find the photo of the bird that perched its self on my shoulder for a good 2 hours.


Was truly a great place after the rush of visiting Cape Town.


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