A site for sore eyes….

So we were went away some years back, and were staying at a very remote cottage in the country. Well we thought it was remote. It had a tiny log cabin and it’s own pool. .


Now we have been to the place a couple of times and the owners were really good to us. They always seem to fall over William. He loved the attention.

As this place was so remote we did not think too much about anybody watching us and it had the pool and outdoor shower, we did skinny dip, and shower outside in the mornings. William sleeps commando and this was no exception, and would wander outside in the morning to have a smoke and his coffee, in his birthday suit…

On our last visit, we had to go into the little town for some food. William is paying for the stuff, and this lady helping him says out loud, “oh is that what you look like with your clothes on”. Transpires that the owners of this cottage, had a telescopic binoculars and would watch us. The lady at the shop was the sister of the owners of this cottage. William was not amused.


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