A celebration


We mark a day in our life’s, a birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion. Now in our house, we also celebrate the Soberday, the anniversary that William stopped drinking. So this we celebrated this week.

So I made a hamper of chocolates, bath products, and some other goodies. I put it in the boot of Williams car. Plus a very camp card. I left early so William only got it when he went to work and was very surprises and pleased. He actually did not remember that it was his Soberday, or was still not awake.

So on Saturday we had some people around for a brunch, and as usually I had way too much food. The deli close to use has a bakery on the premises and make the best muffins, danish and health bread. Was a good brunch and William got spoiled by his friends.. We were only 6 people but had a very enjoyable time.

After they all left he popped into the shower while I packed the dishwasher. You see he got his favorite shower gel, and tea tree shampoo. Must be honest I am also a big fan of this product as well. So we both smell very fresh and clean.



Of all the qualities I admire about William, it’s his dedication to remain sober. It’s a daily battle, but our lives are so much better.

Bath time for me. Maybe I can save water and bath with W….

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