Apple. William.


So William works for an IT company, they are developers and create the wonderful software we all use. So you would think that William would have been a huge apple fan. However due to my work experience, I was exposed to Mac and worked on them. They are brilliant for design, Desk Top Publishing and layout. William works on a PC at work, so was not that exposed to Apple.

So our love affair with Apple started about 6 years back, but due to financial reasons we were limited customers. So over time, we have now replaced the home PC for an iMac, our home wireless is apple, iPads, iPhones, I have an apple MacBook. So over the last couple of years we have gone to apple completely. It’s pricey but a pleasure. Well it WAS..

Last year I got William the iMac 21,5 inch. It replaced the home PC and home laptop. It works very well for iTunes and appleTV.
So on Sunday the iMac just shut down and would not reboot, now this is the second time we have experienced a total shutdown and are unable to reboot. The first time was late last year, Apple fixed it but scratched the machine. So now we are waiting for Apple to repair the machine again, they have NOT been very helpful.

William texted me this morning asking if he could go and get a new iMac, the new model.

You see we are now stuck with apple, but besides the bad service and lack of human interaction that Apple has, we like the product. So William then phoned to order, they have no stock.

William is not very patience, and I neither am I when it comes to service etc.

Order has been placed, lets wait to see if we get the new one before or after Apple fixes the old machine which is only 9 months old..


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