When in Rome, get a gondola in Venice.


So a follow up on yesterday posting. We arrived in Dubai en route to Rome. After a two hour walk around the airport we board our next flight to Rome. Now it’s an absolute pleasure traveling with William. We got wise some years back and take only one suitcase and two rucksacks


William knows me so well and I stress when I have to fly but he has a calming effect on me. One of us has the passports and the other one the wallets with the money etc. We have found that when we fly long haul, we always pack a clean shirt, change of underwear socks and deodorant, so we can freshen up before we land. We also travel with iPod travel speakers, cameras, laptop, iPad, etc etc. we are the boys with toys.

On landing in Rome and eventually getting our luggage, we headed for our hotel. I cannot remember the name of the hotel, but it was two blocks away from the train station. Great hotel except for the bath. It was tiny, even I could not lie in it..


William fell when he tried to get into the bath, as it was build for small people. But we survived.

William is obsessed with maps and well Rome and William was a perfect match. We did the tourist bus, so we could see the city. But after half a day, we did our own thing. Rome is fascinating and William would read up all about the places we visited and planned were we would go. Turns out William surprised me that he was so interested in history and buildings. Even ART.

The one place that I wanted to see was the Fontana di Trevi,

So on day three I think we had a great breakfast , and walked and walked. Then suddenly around the corner were the fountains. William had his map and had planned this without me knowing. I was so overcome by the sight I dropped the camera.
Rome is a fascinating place, and we spend our days seeing the ruins of the old Roman Empire. The steps, the Vatican and lots of churches, statutes, and so much more.

We then got the Euro rail to Venice. It was about a three hour trip, could have been more or less, as I fell asleep. On arriving in Venice you are just mesmerized by the city. We had to lug our luggage over the bridge to our hotel.
We stayed at the Hotel Carlton Capri, it was a bargain. We got a room next to the kitchen so paid less than half of the normal rate. It had a brilliant room overlooking the terrace and a bathroom with a huge shower,


It was a good ten minute walk from the railway station.

We spend very little time at the hotel, as William and myself were just amazed but this fascinating place. We used the water ferry and each day we ventured were ever we wanted. William would just find a water ferry station and we would just go without any clue were we would land up. His plan worked very well. We visited the Rialto Bridge, and also found a place nearby to have lunch. Now that may sound normal, however we were craving vegetables, and fresh fruit. Great place to eat except when the bill arrived. We found Venice to be very expensive, we did use a water taxi just for the fun of it but it again was not budgeted for. On the last day, we were walking back to our hotel and I saw a gondola. So I persuaded William, and we paid our €100 and had the most spectacular or and funny ride thru Venice. William and I were gawked at, photographed and I don’t think you see too many men only on a gondola.

We flew back from Venice to Dubai, and got a water taxi to the airport. That’s special.

The small part of Italy we saw, remains in our memory book, our photo albums and our hearts.

See you again Italy.. Ivan


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