Dubai United Arab Emirates

So a couple of years back, William and I met after work for an early meal. So William says that he does not want to spend the holidays at home, can we go away? Now that’s like asking a child do that want to visit a candy store. So I casual ask were he would like to go, to my surprise Italy.

Now I have also wanted to go to Italy, so I am sold.


So next day I phone the travel agent, and she gives me a great deal. Flights on Emirates, and we can stop over on the way or on the way back. So I opt for the return leg. It was a great airline and I highly recommend Emirates. Well it was a good experience for us. Now William pushes his luck and says we must fly business class. Bottom line it was just not in our budget.

So on our return from 10 amazing days in Rome and Venice we stop over for three days in Dubai.


Now I wanted to book into the world famous Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai,

But the rates were just unrealistic. So I booked into the Sheraton Dubai Creek and Towers. I also booked a suite. £270 or €315 or $410, a night. This was me being me. I never told William, however when he saw the room rates at the front desk he was not impressed. But I decided that we would really make the last leg of this holiday, extra special.


Now we were warned that being gay we must just be very careful. We got our visa from the airport, and the transfer to the hotel. On arriving, the front desk saw two men (us), and gave us another room with TWO beds in it. It was a wonderful room, actually a suite and we used it a lot due to the extreme heat. We were in Dubai in May.

Now Dubai is a shoppers paradise, but even at departmental stores you can haggle the prices. This put William over the edge, as he detests bargaining. We visited about three malls, mainly to escape the heat outside. We would be drenched in sweat after a few minutes if we ventured outside. One of them we visited was the Dubai Mall.


But to be frank it was very glitzy, glamour and false. We did not find the prices to be that much cheaper, and the sales people kept trying to barter with us. William just walked out when we were trying to purchase a titanium chain for myself. We did eventually get one at the Gold Souk. But after looking at the merchandise we were chased down the alley way as if you look you must buy. William had enough shopping after only half a day. So we hired a driver and went to see the city and all it had to offer, it was fascinating but nothing is natural. The grass is imported, and man made is the major industry when you look at the buildings, housing estates etc. we also got the same driver to take us to the royal residence as well.

Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed being in Dubai but doubt we will go back in a hurry. It was just not for us. Especially after coming back from Italy which is steeped in History.

With the extreme heat, we spend a lot if time at the hotel, and even the pool became too hot to cool down in.

But then that’s how I see it and all to their own. Ivan

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