So about 6 years back William decided that we should go on holiday. He wanted to go to place that I had not been to, and so he decided on Spain. However to get there we found out we could only fly in from the UK. Not a problem as we both really enjoyed London the last time we visited.


So we had to fly into Barcelona, from Gatwick. And then get a connecting flight to Malaga.


We stayed in a timeshare complex.
The Resort we booked at, is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the province of Malaga, midway between the towns of Fuengirola and Marbella, a beautiful property development, built in typical Andalucian style and privileged with brilliant clear blue skies for over 300 days of the year.

That’s the one thing about timeshare, you usually get great accommodation deals when you travel.

So my task was to book flights, and other accommodation as William had booked for our time in Spain. We did this all in one night and were all set to go in less than two weeks. I booked a car hire from the Airport and specifically stated we wanted a sedan, not a mini car. After spending three days in London we arrived in Malaga. Guess what car we got. And it was green… We both are not fans of green cars.

William was not impressed, but laughed it off until he tried to get in. He is not a small man. So after we put the luggage in the back seat, that then limited the front seats from being moved back, I was tasked with driving. Williams knees were touching the dashboard. We laughed so much but we eventually got to our resort.



I was not very excited about this trip as a week in Spain did not really excite me. However after a day or say I fell in love with the place. We were out most days, did the cable car, visited Marbella, wow that place is expensive. Just exploring the place and the local food.

We did also go to the beach, as the weather was speculator. William tans very well but I must be careful of the sun. The beaches were good but we did have to wear shoes when walking.

William and I did swim most evenings, as the resort had a couple of pools.
We did the tourist “thing” and hopped on a bus full of tourists, and went to Gibraltar. I must say of all the places I have visited, this was a one of the places I will not hesitate in going back to. I was atached by the monkeys, but that’s another story.



This week we talked about going away, and William joked that if we go to a place that we need to rent a car, he will do it. We had a great trip, and lots of fun, and some funny moments. William could not fit in the bath at the resort, I had some trouble with the cable car.
The Telecabina takes you on an amazing 15-minute journey in a four-person cable car right up to the highest point on the Málaga coast at an altitude of almost 800m above sea level. From this superb vantage point, you not only have the most magnificent views of the Costa del Sol, but also the awesome panoramic vistas of the Sierra Nevada mountains (white with snow in the winter months), the Guadalhorce Valley and on a clear day you can see Gibraltar and the coast of Africa.
We visited the bird sanctuary as well, and the birds made a bee line for me. Was thrilling, scary yet an amazing experience.

So we are busy thinking about were we could go, and when our schedules will allow us.

William is feeling much better, and is busy at the computer..

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