Tax calculation……..


So I have mentioned before that I am a grey boring accountant….

So today I started with a new project, TAXES. it’s not my strongest point, but I do enjoy doing it.

I have discovered that I need to put a lot of time in as this was neglected by my predecessor. Strange how when you mention taxes, people react with anger, defensive, and don’t like me instantly. I have broad shoulders and I have a job to do, I am not here to make friends.

Tomorrow I have meetings outside of the office, and my calendar is becoming very full, very quickly. Seems I have to attend lots of meetings, and make a number of decisions, all new to me but as my director said, you are very capable but work on your confidence. Now not in the way that I become some cocky arrogant A-hole, but I must be assertive and take on my role with confidence.

Really enjoying this new challenge, and who thought 6 weeks back that this is we’re I would be.



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