Sharon and Ozzy



So it’s not secret that I am huge fan of the Osbourne’s. not for the antics on the reality TV show, but for the longevity. Jack has been sober 7 or 8 years, Kelly seems to have overcome her demons, and Sharon just keeps them all together. However Ozzy has fallen off the wagon again. So Sharon has moved out. Now I can relate.

William is an alcoholic. Been sober now for a good couple years. And for all his qualities, the one I hold in the highest is his determination to be sober EVERY DAY. it’s been proved that you are born an alcoholic and your brain craves alcohol and you cannot stop. However before you judge Sharon, or Ozzy, the only way that someone will recover is if they take ownership for the addiction. We cannot Control, Cure and did not Cause the addiction.

So she has moved out, tough love maybe but to live with an addict who is still using is not pleasant, in fact it’s hell.

The way I see it, don’t judge others until you have stood in the shoes they wear. But we cannot as our feet don’t fit those shoes. We all have our own paths to travel, so before we cast judgement, think.


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