I am not a pillow….

So a couple of months back we bought a new bed an extra length one..it’s not a king size but it a big bed. The reason being that Williams legs stick out. He is 6 feet plus. Now of late the baby cat, Bella, has been sleeping on the bed with us. Between us, and at the bottom of the bed. So we are very aware of her so try not to lie on top of her.

Now William sleeps with lots of pillows and has a pillow that he has been us, that lies vertical. Don’t ask why, that’s just how he sleeps. I have one pillow. So last night William was worried that Bella was not going to move from his side so he moved more to the middle of the bed.

At about 3 this morning I woke up after having a bad dream that I was suffocating, William had rolled onto me. You see the pillow that he usually put on the side was not there and he must have moved in his sleep, onto me… I got a huge fright and battled to wake him up, however Bella just ran off. William is not a small guy, and he was dead weight, but when he woke up I think he got more of a fright than Bella.


This picture was taken a couple of years back, however he has added on a kilo or two since then.

So lets see if I am the human pillow tonight.

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