My answers to the prior blog

My Questions okay so they not mine but they great questions.

1. If you had the choice to become one of the many superheros, which one would you become and why? can I say James Bond, al the gadgets and he looks good in a swimming trunks (Well Daniel Craig does)

2. What do you think is the best thing about WordPress?
the easy site that anybody can use, and the great bloggers on it.

3. If your best friend asked you to die for him/her, would you do it, why?
yes, because I love my best friend, who is also William.

4. Which person do you consider as your idol? Why?
my sister, she is a strong independent person, who is a great Mom and wife, and she worships me..

5. Which is your favorite picnic/relaxing/refreshing spot?
the beach, no doubt.

6. Why do you blog?
to relax and I love to write and express myself.

7. To be a true optimist, you should see the negative side of things…do you agree?
I believe you should see all sides of everything, the good, bad, indifferent, and try to be objective..

8. Which sports (mention the sport) club do you support?
Tennis, and I support the outsider.

9. Do you drink coffee while blogging, writing or doing just about anything on the computer? Why?
I don’t drink coffee anymore, but I tend to smoke while I am on the computer

10. Which person/thing has irritated you the most? When? Why? (Please DO NOT mention if it is a person)arrogant power hungry people in the work place, people who must Control everything, we are all equal.

11. Which was the most painful moment of your life? (Sorry…but running out of questions)
the moment one of best friends passed away, I was only 23, and took this very badly.

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