Last night I slept very well, and this morning I was well rested and ready to face the day. Was at the office just after 6, and hit the in tray. Was a very busy day, but a great day. I seem to be making headway, and learning very fast how the department works. Good day. So I left work at 4, this afternoon. Now that it felt like I was sneaking out was strange. I usually work till 5 or 6. But today I decided I was done. William was suppose to met up with one of his friends from AA, but she cancelled last minute. On way home got a text Got smokes and food for week x
Got home and the fridge is full, and the deep freezer was packed as well.


I was pleasantly surprised, William is not a shopper, but he decided that as his “date” had cancelled, he went and got us some groceries.

William really is a big sweetie at heart, but does not like people to know that. Anyway we were sitting and chatting and I mentioned that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, maybe getting a divorce. He then says to me, do you need counseling, as I am big fan of the Osbourne’s.

The latest TV series that we are watching is


So that’s our what we will do after dinner.

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