My person….. Always wanted to say that.

So William got back from visiting his Mom. He was only gone one day and a night, in essence..

So he unpacks his car, say hi and head off to find the cats. Not sure if he was more excited to see them or me. Then runs a bath, William loves his bath. The bath at his Mom’s house is small, so tells me that he missed his bath. I went and chatted to him while he lay in the bath and I then realized this is my person. The person I miss when they not around, get irritated by his neatness, I also am so use to this person. We are so comfortable with each other. And after all these years, I still get surprised, and my heart stops just a tiny beat when he looks at me.


So I saved water and shared the bath.

And I got a really nice t-shirt as well.


Lastly just had a shave as it seems that this household has a no shave rule now over weekends..shaving

Glad you home safe William, I missed you…πŸ˜œπŸŒΉπŸ›€

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