View from the top floor…..

So this week I had my first big function at work. It was for all the staff. No expense was spared.

We have the most amazing marketing department, we do not sub-contract any of our marketing work. The creative talent, and attention to detail is extraordinary. The food was not your run of the mill menu, it was handcrafted works of art. And this was for over 300 people, and fully waiter service, cocktails, and the venue was in the city. We were housed in a penthouse, warehouse space with floor to ceiling glass windows, and a view. A view that you can only get from the top floor.


So the night before I asked William to give me his option on what I should wear. Well if all gay people have a sense of fashion, William never got his. He is not a formal dresser, or a suit and tie
man. He has the most amazing job, were he can wear jeans to work. They have a very casual working environment, so when he saw what I suggested, he just keep asking, are you comfortable? Dress what you like to wear, so I wore a boring suit and a funky tie. Now when William says you look very good, and sexy, then I know I got it right.

Had a great time, and met a lot more of the staff.

Good week….

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