Mans best friend


They say a dog is mans best friend. It may be true, however were do cats fit in.

We have two cats, the old man, is nearly 13, and the baby is 18 months. Both were rescue. My first cats.
Now Bella the baby has many names, her full name is Isabella Portia Berry. Don’t laugh, berry is after blackberry as she is pitch black. Portia was just meant to be, and we BOTH loved the name Isabella. She is called Bella, Bells, Izzy, Istabull, or when she is naughty ISABELLA. she reacts to all.

Now I wanted another cat for ages, and then one day William just gave in and said go get one, and we both decided not a black one. So I went to the animal rescue place, and they checked out that I was a legitimate animal lover, and then showed me some kittens. But before they could go any further from the first place, I spotted this bungle of black fur. She was about 5 weeks old and in a bad way, nose infection and ear infection. But I saw her eyes. And that was how we got our Bella.


William, knows me and expected me to get a kitten that really needed lots of love, plenty of vets visits, and after a month she just stopped being this tiny scared kitten, she overnight became a terror. A terror who is loved and has destroyed pot plants, fallen in the bath Twice, being in a bad fight, but each night sleeps on our bed. I loose a breath, when I look at her asleep now, and remember the first day I brought her home. She would not have lived another 48 hours if we had not taken her, her first day spend with us was at the vets clinic. She is pure love. Our eldest cat, is moody, a snob, but just makes this house a home. He often sits with William when he is watching TV, they have a special bond, and William is a cat man…


So over the last couple of weeks, years actually, we or let me say I have been wanting a dog. We have a big house, garden, so why not. Well its not that simply, we have cats. We work all day, and it will be cruel to leave a dog on his/her own.

Now I usually get what I want, however William who I am convinced, worships the quick sand I walk on , has said NO.


And he as always is right, even when he does not shave. As he said to me the other day, someone has to be the adult in this house, and then he referred to the older cat.

This all started again for me today, when I saw this man running this morning with his dog….

But as much as I want to rescue an animal, I must think logical and what is best for the our legged furry child.


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