One more.

So yesterday I got my laptop. I think it’s a great laptop, it’s a HP pro book..


Great machine, however I also have a desktop so this is really only for travel and if and when I work from home. Now the problem is, I already have a laptop also an HP and a Mac book pro


William has a Dell laptop (not a work one) and his baby the iMac.

You see the Mac are for home use, we have an apple network set up at home, so we only use the other laptops for work, mine is actually used very seldom. Now we have one more, one too many.

Maybe it time we gave one of our laptops away to someone who needs it. The Macs stay.

I need a laptop bag that I can use for the laptop and work stuff, saw this one, it’s a tad pricey, William things it’s too gay…



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