My signature…

We all have our own signature, written and the invisible one. The one that defines our own uniqueness.

I dress in the classic style for work, nothing outrages just plain office attire. Suits not so much, but formal classic. I enjoy being dressed well, nothing that brings any attention to me but I feel comfortable and confident. In my profession, you are expected to dress accordingly, to corporate attire.

So today I read an article about mens fashion, and not sure if I like these boots that are meant for formal wear.


Being short is not always advantageous as far as clothes are concerned. However I am not a slave to fashion, you probably would be horrified to read that I love my crocs.. For home they are brilliant feel like you don’t have shoes on.

Yesterday evening William shaved at last. He usually shaves once over the weekend, but not this weekend. Chin burn…….. Moving alone, but he then discovered a small patch of hair on his lower back just above his bum. Now William does not have a lot of body hair besides the normal places. Well he was horrified and said he is getting older. I have a small patch of hair on the left side of my back, but remove this by means of waxing or hair removal cream. So William is going to get his first wax.


Is it vanity or grooming…..

On a serious note, over the weekend I read a number of blogs about on line dating, hooking up, name it what you want to. How things have changed in a very short period if time. William and I met on a on line dating site, he was my first message and the rest was our story. Now my point is, how I see it, has it become more difficult to meet someone that you can start a relationship with or easier. Your stats, photos, preferences seems to be more important, than who you are. To me, the size of your penis, does NOT define you or who you are. Maybe I am just so out of touch. If you are looking for a one on one relationship, is social media blocking us, or helping us.

Be grateful for having a partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Many may not agree but to me, monogamy is a good basis for any relationship. If you get bored, maybe you need to change the direction of your thoughts. Life is not full of excitement all the times, but one thing I do know that after many years of being with one person, nothing is boring, it’s more intense, more trusting and it’s incredible difficult at times, but if you think about that one person more than yourself, it’s worth it..

William is currently watching THE WALKING DEAD, not my cup of tea. But I really don’t mind.


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