Saturday ..

Saturday are generally lazy days in our house. It’s also generally the day that we clean house. Now this is something that we both do, and well together. However William had a crises at work Friday, so he was in the study early so that he could log onto his office PC, from home. He is not a morning person so I let him be, but did ensure that the coffee machine was on. He still has not shaved. I refer to a prior post. Someone needs to shave
So I started cleaning the bedroom, changing linen and decided to clear all the cupboards as I went along. The result is I cleared a whole cupboard of my clothes that are too big, that I will be dropping off at the charity close to us on Monday. I also cleared all the other cupboards and have linen, bath sheets/towels that can be dropped off.
The house is clean and de cluttered. We are both involved in charities directly and indirectly, however I will be giving this to a children home we have not be involved with at all. The children range from age 7 to 19, and if the clothes don’t fit or cant be used they will pass it on to another home. Very sad that children grow up in place like this.

20130407-082449.jpg I have a philosophy that a clutter free environment clears your mind.

One thing about William is that he never questions me when I clear out the cupboards or give away things to people in need. I repacked all his clothes and shoes, and he on his own left a pile of clothes on the dining room table that we will pack into my car for drop off. William has a very big heart.

The whole house is now clean and it’s a great feeling. William gave up on work at about 2 and we watched some TV before I feel asleep in the TV room.

Now if he would just clean that stubble on his face……

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