My weakness. Watches


This is my favorite watch, William gave it to me when we were on holiday a couple of years back. Now I must confess I have about 15 plus watches. They are all locked up in the safe. I have not been wearing a watch of late as I need to replace the battery in my favorite one.

Now William has the perfect wrist for a watch, my wrists are small but he does not like watches at all.

However I did get him this watch as he really liked it, but sadly does not wear it often. It’s too big for me. And then when we were in Dubai he saw this watch, and fell in love with it.


So we bought it, he had worn it until the strap broke after he hooked it onto something. We have just not replaced the strap.

So today out of the blue William asked me if I wanted a new watch as a present for my new position. Now that’s like taking a child to a candy store. He showed me the one he saw on line, I am not sure if I really need another watch.


To be honest I am still in a state of shock, it’s an amazing watch.

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