Are you kidding me.

So a couple of years back, I meet one of my friends for lunch. William had not met her and her husband. So off we go.

She is knew I am gay, so you would think she would not have an issue with this at all.

Well after a couple of glasses of wine, she gets into an argument with William. She is convinced that he is not gay. William was drinking at that time as well, so it lead to a very heated debate. She went onto say that he does not look gay, act gay, dress gay, who knows what else.

William got very upset and angry and basically said he is gay he likes penis…

We are no longer friends. However what makes you gay, straight, is there a section in the department store were you buy gay clothes, gay food.

Are we perceived as limp wristed feminine guys. I am a man and can be rather masculine “butch” but society labels us all, gay, straight, black, white, Asian, Chinese, European etc etc.

I got a friend request on Facebook today from above mentioned friend… Sorry cannot accept William is STILL GAY!

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