The week so far…..

So last Saturday I got William a new shirt, turns out it was too big.. So today I changed it….. Bad move Ivan or good one.

I then went and looked at some shirts for work, as you can see from the picture I got four for myself, and a belt the last one I got four months back is not fitting properly, it’s too big…

Cannot believe how expensive clothes are.

So I have finished my first week at the new place. Was an excellent week, my office was finally set up today as I requested the computer, printer etc be moved as the old layout was not working for me. I was made to feel very welcomed, and as this is a senior post I excepted a hostile environment, it’s early days but I want to focus on the positive. Lots of work, and plenty of special projects, which is my speciality. I may be getting an iPad for work however I may get the mini iPad instead.


The only downside of working is our love life, William has also taken on a more senior role at work and we are both working longer hours. On Thursday I feel asleep while watching BODY OF PROOF. Maybe I must face it, I am getting older. My experience is that after being with someone for a number of years, you have periods were the passion is on low heat and suddenly on full speed. I am not complaining but this leads to my conclusion, keep everything balanced.

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