The office..


So today was my first day at my new place of employment. So last night I just could not sleep, insomnia and myself are best of friends. So this morning I was up early and after a good cup of coffee, I showered and dressed. I opted for blue, a great blue stripped shirt and dark navy pants and my trusted boring black shoes. And aussiebum…. I must say I felt good and headed off to work.


The first day is always uncertain, nervous and trying to remember people names is a huge challenge. However I was welcomed with open arms and have met most of the management team. My observations so far, lots of women, a handful of gay guys, and a very vibey work place.

I have a team of ten, and we occupy the entire north wing of the 2 floor. We all have offices and this is a first for me. I am use to very open plan offices so this will be an adjustment, but I believe it’s better for productively. Lost of work and I have already been assigned a couple of special projects.

So let ,this chapter begin. This is my first job were I will be holding a senior title, and that does scare me slightly. I must just remain focused, grounded and just do what I do best. Ivan.

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