Some facts about myself….




So I blog and maybe you may be interested in more facts useless facts about myself.

I knew I was gay when I was about 13.

My first boyfriend was a 6,4 tall part-time stripper. That’s how he put paid for his education and apartment.

I have travelled to 16 countries, and counting.

My favorite city is still London.

I have never been to a pride march.

I don’t drink alcohol at all, gave up over 4 years back.

I do smoke…… Sorry, I need a vice.

William is younger than me.

I have never cheated on any of my relationship.

I am a shy person.

I have been know to dance on tables, with close friends and been totally sober. I am still a shy person around people I don’t know.

I love electronic gadgets.

I love cooking, it gives me a sense of achievement and calms me down.

I bottle up my feelings.

I enjoy doing DIY projects around the house.

I am a huge animal lover.

I have been to raves. (Don’t ask my age)

I am a homebody, enjoy just being at home is my idea of a mini holiday.

I do not enjoy flying, but enjoying traveling. Go figure that one.!!!

Have bungee jumped, and zorbing Zorbing explained...

Can’t fix a car.

Am slightly compulsive obsessive. Check out our linen cupboard, towels have to folded a specific way.

Love swimming, naked when I am at home.

The clutter, of any kind.

Enjoy great TV series, and good movies.

Was overweight, 18 months back changed my eating habits and have lost and kept the weight off.

I am short legged, I am shortish…. Do have a complex about this.

Don’t have many friends, have a small group of trusted friends.

One of my friends is my first boyfriend. Time has healed us both that we can be friends. He lives in another city.

Last live event I went to was Lady Gaga, Born This Way concert.

I am an accountant by profession.

Believe you must live life as this is no dress rehearsal.

Love reading autobiographies.

Nothing is better than giving someone a gift for no reason at all, that’s one of my mottos.

Love shopping and spending money that I have.

William and I met on an on line dating site. First person who messages me.

Enjoy fast cars, but drive a very Eco friendly two door concept car. I like small cars..

Very spontaneous.

Later all….


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