Home is the best place…

So this long weekend we have not done a lot, besides eat, sleep, watch movies and catch up on the TV series we follow.

On Thursday I bought William some flowers.



He honestly loves flowers and plants in the house. So do I however we have to watch them with Bella taking every opportunity she can to have a look see how she can break all the plants.


This morning we both were up early and had a great coffee in bed. I then decided to clean all the work shoes. I have just finished cleaning all the black ones. Gives me a sense of satisfaction seeing them looking so clean.
I was taught that you don’t have to wear expensive clothes to look presentable. Clean clothes and well pressed shirts, and polished shoes are all you need. William is the fussy dresser in the house. He is not a fashion conscience boy/man, but he never leaves the house without checking if his jeans are clean and his shirt matches his pants and is clean shaven as well. His hair always looks good and I think that says something about a person, when they take care of their appearance. I am the shopper, but have a look that I like to have, maybe it’s time I tried to be more adventurous in my clothing. William says I look like any other boring business person..



I have to look my best this week as first impressions last. William took most of my work pants to the dry cleaners last week, what can I say, I have a very special partner he is very good to me. So hopefully I will make the right impression tomorrow. Very nervous about tomorrow however I must just believe in myself and not expect too much. Rather go in low key, and just learn and observe my new environment first. Should be fun meeting more people and a whole new team of amazing people.

Hope you all have a great week…

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