Good morning and Morning all….



This morning I had brunch with one of the people I worked with. Claudia, her wife and I met for brunch. William opted out if this as he wanted to catch up on some work.

So we all met in a very trendy part of the city. Lots of high end shops, and great eateries. Not my choice of places, I prefer a place were I can wear jeans and a shirt and not feel like I am being watched by the fashion police… Anyway we had a great brunch, Claudia wife is a very controlling women, so we did not linger over brunch.

So after brunch I wanted to get some new underwear. So I was fortunate that I found all I wanted in the first store I went to. I also got William a great shirt similar to the one above. I then should have headed home……



I was making my way to my car, when I saw that one store was having a “sale”. So I usually don’t find anything on sale items, but I did find the top shirt for William (Polo Ralph Lauren), and some aussiebum underwear. I wanted to get William some undies as well until I saw the price, the shirt was still pricey however William is fortunate that he can wear casual clothes to work. Jeans and shirts. I have to be more formal and business attire is what is expected. I usually don’t buy branded clothes however if I did have unlimited funds it would be different. I am short legged and I can now wear slim-fit shirts that look good on me. I battle to get decent cut pants and shirts that fit properly..

Clothing has become incredibly expensive for good quality and I am not talking about brand name clothes only.

Lastly, when I got home next to the iMac was a bell from one of the Lindt Easter chocolates…. I say no more on this matter…. I have a chocoholic in the house………


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