New furniture


This is very similar to what we currently have in our bedroom. We bought it about 6 years back, one of the worst buys. It’s was very overpriced and badly put together. It was Swedish I think.

So I have been looking at replacing it.

What I really want it is:

But William is not with me on this. He has a valid reason, he is tall and a sleigh bed does not really allow your feet to dangle of the end. He says he feels like he will be sleeping in a box.
So this is what I have seen that may be worth going to have a look see.



I am also keen to get a set of draws and a maybe a unit that we could house the TV, but has doors that will hide the TV.

I am not a fan of furniture shopping, I usually have a good idea what I am looking for but not making much progress at present. William is keen on us getting a teak bed as he thinks is very different to what we currently have.

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